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Technical Article   HowTo:  Download, extract, and install ArcGIS Desktop 10

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Software:  ArcGIS - ArcEditor 10 ArcGIS - ArcInfo 10 ArcGIS - ArcView 10
Platforms:  Windows XP, 2003Server, Vista, 2008Server, Win 7


Instructions provided describe how to download, extract, and install ArcGIS Desktop 10.


Download ArcGIS Desktop 10
1. Open an internet browser and connect to the Esri Customer Care Portal.

2. Log in to the portal with the Esri Global Account information.

3. Click the Software Download link. -show me-

[O-Image] Software Download link

 This action requires Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded by visiting Adobe Flash Player.

4. Click ArcGIS Desktop 10.

5. Click the Download button. -show me-

[O-Image] Download button

6. Click the “Click to download your file now” button.

 If the download does not start, click the “Click here” link below this big button.

7. In the Save As dialog box, browse to the file's destination folder and click Save.

Esri Download Manager starts to download ArcGIS Desktop 10. This is large file and will take some time to download.

Extract ArcGIS Desktop 10 ISO File
The downloaded file is an ISO file. This file must be burned to a DVD or extracted with extraction software, such as 7-Zip or IsoBuster, before it can be used to install ArcGIS Desktop 10.

If 7-Zip or IsoBuster is already installed, skip the following steps, extract the ISO file using that software, and go to the installation section.

1. Open an internet browser and connect to the 7-Zip site.

2. Download the appropriate type of the software, either 32- or 64-bit.

 The machine's processor type can be found by right-clicking My Computer and clicking properties.

3. Double-click the downloaded 7-Zip file. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the installation.

4. Right-click the ArcGIS Desktop 10 ISO file.

5. Click 7-Zip and click "Extract files…”.

6. Click OK to create a new folder. This folder will include the extracted ISO file and and the ArcGIS Desktop 10 files.

Install ArcGIS Desktop 10
1. Uninstall previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop before proceeding. -show me-

ArcGIS Desktop can be uninstalled through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

2. Open the folder containing the extracted ISO files.

3. Double-click ESRI.exe to start installation.

 It is recommended to right-click and run as administrator on Windows Vista/7/2008.

4. In the ArcGIS Desktop Install Menu, click the Setup link that corresponds to ArcGIS Desktop, as shown below.

[O-Image] ArcGIS Desktop Install Menu

5. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the installation.

6. Authorize ArcGIS Administrator for single use or configure ArcGIS Administrator to connect to a license manager.

Created: 5/5/2011
Last Modified: 6/30/2011

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By zviadi137 - 06/06/2015 7:37 AM

Great article! It helped a lot!


By bhemens - 10/20/2011 5:03 AM

The article is incorrect or the solution didn’t work.

The download keeps quitting a third to halfway through - this is a massive file, and seems to be speed-restricted on your end. If I had a direct download link, I could use download tools to 'continue' the download, but since it's all hidden by flash, I can't. I don't think flash, in this case, is worth the effort. Could you please provide direct download links?