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Technical Article   HowTo:  Install .NET Support for ArcGIS Desktop

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Software:  ArcGIS - ArcEditor 9.2, 9.3, 9.3.1, 10 ArcGIS - ArcInfo 9.2, 9.3, 9.3.1, 10 ArcGIS - ArcView 9.2, 9.3, 9.3.1, 10 ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced 10.1, 10.2 ArcGIS for Desktop Standard 10.1, 10.2 ArcGIS for Desktop Basic 10.1, 10.2
Platforms:  Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8


Instructions provided describe how to install .NET support for ArcGIS Desktop.

 At ArcGIS Desktop 10 users install ArcObjects SDK for .NET (Desktop and Engine included) which also automatically installs .NET support. The setup for ArcObjects SDK for .NET is available on the installation DVD.

Below are the two instances in which .NET support is not automatically installed with ArcGIS Desktop.

• The .NET Framework was not installed on the computer before the ArcGIS Desktop install was performed.
• The version of the .NET Framework installed on the computer was not the correct version at the time that the ArcGIS Desktop install was performed.

The versions need to match as follows:

• ArcGIS 9.1 - .NET Framework 1.1
• ArcGIS 9.2 - .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0
• ArcGIS 9.3 - .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0
• ArcGIS 10.0 - .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
• ArcGIS 10.1 - .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
• ArcGIS 10.2 - .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

 To download the .NET Framework, see the links in the Related Information section below.


Once the correct version of the .NET Framework has been installed, .NET support can be added manually to ArcGIS Desktop by doing the following:

1) Open the Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs.
2) Beside ArcGIS Desktop, click the Change button. -show me-

[O-Image] Change

3) Select to 'Modify' installation, then click Next. -show me-

[O-Image] Modify

4) Click the icon next to .NET Support and select the option 'Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive.' -show me-

[O-Image] NetSupport

5) Continue through the wizard to complete the installation.

To ensure that .NET support has been installed, browse to '%install path%\ArcGIS' and verify that there is a DotNet folder located there.

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Created: 12/13/2007
Last Modified: 3/4/2015

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By MERL_UK - 12/03/2014 3:03 AM

The article needs to be updated.

The whole issue with ArcGIS and .NET 3.5 sp1 should be handled by the installer if it is a prerequisite. If it is handled by the installer why does it not say so here? If the installer does not handle the dependency, why not? .NET 3.5sp1 on W7 is an OS component (.NET 3.5.1) that should be added via Windows components: again why is this not stated in the various ArcGIS documentation?


By keith_moore - 11/10/2014 8:07 AM

The article needs to be updated.

For the 10.2 installer, there is no option to select .NET support, as noted by other users. Please update this article.


By pravinabarton - 07/15/2014 8:05 AM

The article needs to be updated.

Needs to be updated for ArcGIS 10.2

By erinnaser - 02/24/2012 10:26 AM

The article needs to be updated.

There is no option to select .NET Support within the arcgis 10 .exe file! Frustrating!


By - 09/18/2011 4:54 PM

The article is incorrect or the solution didn’t work.

Spent 5.5 hours with an IT specialist trying to download 3.5 SP1 from the net or the disc with the ARC GIS desktop Education Edition, enabling me to install the software on my desktop. Couldn't do it.


By mhernandezm - 08/05/2011 2:45 AM

The article needs to be updated.

AFAIK ArcGIS 10 requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed, but there is no .NET Support feature to select during the ArcGIS installation. It seems it is now part of the 'core' install.


By Cont_richard - 08/04/2011 4:12 PM

Other - See details below.

This article has been updated for 10 to include .NET Framework Version 3.5.


By Anonymous - 03/03/2011 12:10 PM

I would like to see a new article that discusses the topic outlined below.

Please update for ArcGIS 10.

By Anonymous - 09/07/2008 11:58 PM

The article needs to be updated.

need to be updated with .net 3.5 info