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Technical Article   FAQ:  How can I create a shapefile reference grid?

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How can I create a shapefile reference grid?


A reference grid can be created in layout view, but often it is necessary to have a custom grid that can be viewed in data view and distributed to other users. A custom tool has been developed that will allow the user to create a georeferenced grid shapefile.

The user will need to specify the lower left coordinates of the grid, the number of rows and columns, and the height and width of each cell. The user can also choose between lines and polygons as the output type of the shapefile, and specify the coordinate system.

The link to download the zip file is provided below. Unzip the file and follow the instructions provided in the text file to add the tool to ArcMap.

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Created: 7/6/2006
Last Modified: 11/14/2006

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By Anonymous - 04/20/2007 2:50 PM

I followed the article’s instructions, but experienced another problem. I’ve provided details below.

This shapefile is not editable. What do I have to do to make it so. Thanks