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Technical Article   HowTo:  Create mailing labels with Crystal Reports

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Instructions provided describe the procedure for creating mailing labels using Crystal Reports 9.0 and 11.0.


Before beginning, create a new personal geodatabase with the desired records in a new feature class. Once completed, follow the steps below:

  1. Start Crystal Reports.
  2. In Crytal Reports 9.0 create a New Crystal Report Document, using the Report Wizard and click OK.

    In Crystal Reports 11.0 create a new Mailing Label Report from the File > New menu and proceed to step 4.
  3. On the Crystal Reports for ESRI Gallery dialog box, select Mail Label and click OK.
    -show me-

    [O-Image] Crystal Reports for ESRI Gallery
  4. Select 'Create New Connection' in the Mailing Labels Report Creation Wizard dialog box.
    -show me-

    [O-Image] Mailing Labels Report Creation Wizard
  5. Select the Access/Excel(DAO) connection.
  6. Navigate to the personal geodatabase that was created at the begining of this article and click Finish.
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    [O-Image] Access/Excel(DAO)
  7. Select the table, which is the name of the feature class. Click the arrow to add the table to the selected table list and click Next.
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    [O-Image] Select Table
  8. Select the fields that compose the address and use the arrow to add the fields to the selected fields list and click Next.
    -show me-

    [O-Image] Select Fields
  9. Set up the mailing label and click Finish.
    -show me-

    [O-Image] Setup Label

     In the design mode, the order of the fields and their placements can be altered.

Created: 10/8/2004
Last Modified: 5/3/2011

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By Anonymous - 11/26/2007 1:54 PM

The article has missing, misleading, or conflicting information.

In step 6, the article talks about a geodatabase that was created in step 1, but step 1 doesn't cover creating a personal geodatabase. Please revise the article.


By Anonymous - 09/10/2007 12:32 PM

I would like to see a new article that discusses the topic outlined below.

The ESRI Gallery Dialog box does not appear. I am using Crystal Reports XI.


By Anonymous - 02/20/2005 9:35 PM

It 'll be helpful to people if you give some useful tips in handling data (fields) in the mailing label. I think this article is very useful for people who haven't any experience in creating mailing labels. Thanks for your assistance.