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Technical Article   HowTo:  Export a layer to a shapefile in ArcMap

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Software:  ArcGIS - ArcEditor 8.1 ArcGIS - ArcInfo 8.1 ArcGIS - ArcView 8.1
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You can export an ArcMap layer as a shapefile.


  1. Start ArcMap and add data to the Data Frame, if needed.
  2. Right-click the layer and select Data > Export Data.
  3. Click the Browse button.
  4. Navigate to the location where you want to store the shapefile.
  5. Type a name for the new shapefile
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Click OK.

Created: 11/14/2001
Last Modified: 6/18/2002

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By Utilidata - 03/31/2016 8:32 AM

Other - See details below.

This creates a table writing error


By green.kate - 10/17/2014 8:08 PM

Other - See details below.

I add a .dgn file (Polyline) and want to export it into shapefile however everytime it shows that "Output name is not valid" even i try to click "Browse" and change the file name it shows "An error occurred trying to save the object named "xxx" Please advise on this matter thank you

By Anonymous - 12/08/2004 10:04 AM

In using ArcMap 9 when I export to a shapefile my table data has lots of extra 0000's in the numeric fields. Can you please help me not have that problem?